10344209_10203349203122398_4996412583959956949_ow.jpg    Hello, I’m Bill Wakeley, a nature/landscape photographer from the small New England state of Connecticut, tucked away in the northeastern United States.Son of a lifelong dairy farmer, I grew up with a great respect for nature, and value greatly the moments in time mother nature provides me to capture through photography.To me there is no greater thrill than spending time out in the wild.Whether it be along the shore, in the forest, or casually walking farmland,photographing old barns that can be found throughout the New England states.My photography primarily focuses on the nature and landscapes of the northeast United States.I offer natural presentations, as well as abstract and semi abstract themes.Image licensing  upon request. If you have any questions about ordering prints or anything else feel free to contact me.
Artist Statement,
It is my intention through my photography to convey a sense of wonderment and tranquility. I hope when you view my work, something will spark a fond memory or an awe of what mother nature provides us to enjoy.