Ice Water

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This is my first shutter click of the new year. I know its already nearing the end of January,but here in Litchfield County Connecticut we are in an extended stick season.Usually we have some snow cover by now brightening up the landscape, but with temps in the 40’s and nearing 50 for next week there isn’t a snowflake in sight. So I set out to get some inspiration yesterday and wound up at a local state park. There I found some interesting ice formations along the banks of a stream. After looking over the days worth of images I settled on this one for publication. A block of ice in the middle of the stream caught my eye as the water flowed gently from upstream. The ice along the shore provides a nice natural frame in stark contrast to the dark tones in the clear water.This could very well be a image taken in the spring but here we are in the middle of winter.I have some other locations in mind but I need a little snow to complete the scene.

So we will see what February has in store for us. Last year we got blasted with snow and cold. Maybe the groundhog will shed some light on the rest of the season next week.Stay tuned!

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