My First Day of Spring

First day of spring photo. This will be one of my new haunts this year. I found it by accident. I was sitting on another spot not far away watching a big flock of geese, ducks and a heron do there thing. I been there about an hour or so and things were starting to settle, meaning everything I startled when I arrived was getting used to my presence.Then for some reason all the wildlife was moving away from me again for no apparent reason.At first I thought an eagle or some other predator was near. It was a predator alright….some guy with a camera thought he could bushwhack thru the woods and all the pretty birds would pose for him.Needless to say everything in sight panicked and moved far off.Now I’m no wildlife photography expert but this much I know.You cant go thru the woods like madman making all kinds of racket and not scare everything in sight. Funny he stood there a few seconds looking disappointed then walked directly across from on the river and never saw me.I was hidden well near a tree.So after everything scattered I decided to explore a little and came across this spot, which I like a whole lot better. No footprints in the snow, but plenty of evidence of wildlife.Beavers are chewing the trees, paws prints of some kind of canine and feline prints also.Plus all the usual stuff, deer, ducks and birds ect. So in the end it worked out for the best, I got a new place that not many people will get to.     Visit The Photo Gallery Click Here

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