The Endless Winter

_MG_8440 as Smat Object-2

Soon winter will transition to spring in the northeast USA, and scenes like this will be common. Melting snow and fog of late winter. It’s been an unusually cold winter here in southern New England with a long long stretch of below average temperatures and above average snowfall. Cold enough, that February may go in the books as the coldest ever.In past years we would get cold snaps that would only last a few days followed by a brief warm up with some some snow here and there. But this year it’s just not letting up, just one cold day after the next and snow every few days also.I guess this is a taste of what it’s like to live further north in Canada.But New Englanders are a hardy bunch, we can take it. When the warmer weather finally does arrive it will feel that much more sweeter after such a cold winter.Who knows, maybe this the new normal. The winter and the storms that come with it seem to be getting worse as the years go by. So we shouldn’t be surprised in years to come if the weather continues to be extreme.
This photo was taken at one of the many nature preserves near my home in Connecticut. The trail winds along a river under a dense forest canopy, then opens up to these towering pine trees.On the day I visited there was a nice veil of fog hovering around the tree tops, setting a nice mood as you look down the trail.The tree in the foreground is a beech tree that managed to hang on to it’s leaves thru the winter.
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