A Happy Ending

So the other day I hear that sound I hate. A bird crashing into our sliding glass door. I go look and I see a goldfinch on the deck on its back, still breathing.Usually if you just leave them be they will regain their senses and fly away.It was getting close to dark and I didn’t just wanna leave it there overnight.So against my better judgement I gather him up and put him in a box and brought him inside for the night. I was sure it was gonna die, although still breathing he was pretty lifeless.The next morning I hear a ruckus in the box. Seems he came back to his senses overnight.I opened the box and after a quick flight around the kitchen out the door he went. Good thing he didn’t fly into the ceiling fan! That would have been a real family guy moment. Immediately he rejoined his flock at the thistle feeder.Not sure if he would have survived the night on the deck or not.But either way it had a good ending.
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