A Bridge For All Seasons

West Cornwall Covered Bridge
A bridge that’s been photographed 9 ways to Sunday. This iconic bridge is close to home and always a good subject in all seasons.It’s getting hard to come up with unique perspectives for photography tho, as it is a major tourist attraction and also favorite destination for photographers. Good luck finding a place to park in peak foliage season! Alot of people settle for the “tourist shot” taken from the side of the road, I have those too.But the more adventurous (me) will head downstream and risk falling in the drink to get a decent photo.  I wanted to replicate my autumn shot here but the water was considerably higher, and I couldn’t get to the spot which was a little further upstream and closer to the water.Walking on ice that has fast moving water underneath wasn’t an option either, I said I was adventurous not stupid. All those bumps you see in the snow are rocks covered with snow and ice, walking was next to impossible. I thought I was gonna go for a swim a couple of times!So I managed to get close enough to get a composition with a strong foreground with the trees framing the bridge.I also had to wait for the sun to be diffused a little by the passing clouds to avoid a real contrasty image,as this is a midday shot and not the best lighting conditions.Overall I’m pleased with the result, looks like winter in New England!!  A brief history of the  West Cornwall Covered Bridge, (also known as Hart Bridge). It was built over the Housatonic River in the town of Cornwall, Connecticut, joining the towns of West Cornwall and Sharon CT. It is estimated to have been built around 1864 and spans 172 feet over the river. The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. See more photos of this bridge in the other seasons of the year CLICK HERE.

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