Minimalism in Nature

Ring Necked Ducks
Ring Necked Ducks

Another example of photo minimalism in nature. This photo was made at the famous Candlewood Lake in western Connecticut USA. During the early spring when the ice is slowly melting, waterfowl of all kinds gather on the lake to forage for the bounty of food the lake has to offer. I’m fortunate to have this lake just down the road from my home in New Milford. In the morning hours the rising sun shines brightly on the mountain that is behind this pair of Ring Necked Ducks and casts a reflection across the calm water. As I sat motionless the ducks swam right in front of me. They either didn’t see me or could care less I was there. Either way they made a nice subject for my minimalism in nature series, swimming across the reflections on Candlewood Lake.
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