The Belt of Venus

Pastel Morning



That pink glow that you can see after sunset and just before sunrise is called the Belt of Venus, and just below is the earth’s shadow. The pink color is caused by reddish sunlight being scattered across the blue sky. Directly below is the blue color of the earth’s shadow, caused by the sun below the opposite horizon. The curvature of the earth gets in front of the sunlight and cast a shadow out into space.As the sun sets the pink disappears and the dark blue takes over the sky and we are in full shadow or more commonly called night.In the morning the opposite happens, the shadow goes below the horizon and then we have daylight. Most people focus on the sunrise and sunset itself, but several of my favorite photos have been taken in the opposite direction during those times.This photo was taken on the Brewster flats out on Cape Cod MA. The sun was rising behind me and the calm water reflected the pastel colors of the early morning light. Add an anchored sailboat for a subject and I got a minimalistic sunrise image facing the western horizon.
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