Less is More

On the Water
On the Water
Minimalism photography is described as a concept that refers to a work of art that is stripped down to its most basic features. With this type of photography, the composition is simple, using few details, thus it can appear to be more pleasing  to the eye.When making a minimalistic image keep the elements to the bare minimum and avoid large distracting features. To achieve this in this photo I cropped off most of the foreground to draw the most attention to the sunset. Though you cant see it in this small thumbnail image there are some small details in the image. There is a sailboat on the horizon as well as some distant mountains.I must admit, I didn’t notice the boat til after processing. Keeping the rule of thirds in mind, I kept the foreground of the ocean and the shore to approx. one third of the frame and the sun to the left. This is a sunset from Race Point, out on Cape Cod. I was hoping for a whale to breach out there somewhere, as we did see a couple of  them earlier in the day. Maybe this year I will get lucky.We plan on making the three mile hike out there again if the weather cooperates. So for minimalism photography remember the KISS principle (no not the rock band) the acronym, keep it simple, stupid.
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