Waiting For The Right Moment

Winter Water

Timing is everything. I drive thru Macedonia State Park on a regular basis. Its a nice ride on a dirt road taking you past the campsites and along the banks of the Macedonia Brook. The park is a great place for the nature/landscape photographer, offering a wide array of wildlife and diverse landscapes. I’ve photographed this scene a few times but really never been happy with any of them. This is the first time for a winter photo shoot at this particular spot however. It’s the quaintness of the bridge over the babbling brook that draws me to this scene. It was a nice day so I decided to stop and take a walk in the park on this cold winter day.And there I was once again downstream from the small footbridge that leads to a picnic area that I’ve seen a million times before.But this time was different, it caught my attention with the mini icy waterfall formed by the sub-zero temps we been having at night.The snow pack was just deep enough to reveal the rocky banks and there was still a little on the tree branches. And just enough water flow, it’s amazing how the water takes on this emerald green look in the winter,also and most importantly I liked how the late day sun was shining on the bridge and the trees beyond.Huh, this looks pretty good I thought. As I cautiously made my way down the short but steep bank I noticed some distracting elements I wanted to hide. Behind the tree near the bridge there is a phone pole with some ugly hardware attached, I also wanted to hide the road to my left.On the right is an empty grassy area with no interest. A low angle was the way to go. This gave the foreground interest with the icy waterfall,the scene is framed nicely with the trees, and the brook provided a leading line thru the photo.Now the sun was playing games with me, in and out behind the clouds. With total shade the scene was kinda flat, so I waited for the sun to shine in the distance before clicking the shutter.  I feel all the elements came together to make a pleasing winter landscape. Waiting for the right moment payed off……..  Purchase Print

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