It’s Never Too Cold


This is a photo of yours truly after a 5 mile run in -10°F weather last winter. I’m not one to keep myself indoors all winter waiting for spring. Some people think its too cold but, if you dress properly you will be cozy warm. My tip for runners is, dress so you feel a little chilly for the first mile or so til you warm up a bit. If you venture out feeling nice and warm you start to sweat almost immediately and get cold real fast.Granted your gonna sweat a little just look at the icicles hanging off my hat.Breathable light weight clothing is best ,I stay away from wool and cotton.They are just sponges and will hang on to any moisture.Keep your hands warm by wearing mittens instead of gloves, the fingers stay warmer when they are together rather than separated with gloves.During this run I had on my heavy weight running pants designed for this kind of cold.Under my running jacket a just lightweight synthetic long-sleeve running shirt and of course my running shoes and socks.Doesn’t sound like alot and it isn’t, but after I got down the road a bit  was comfortably warmed-up.Now this is trial and error, everybody is different.What works for one may be too little or too much for someone else.So ya gotta experiment a little til you get into your zone.I’ve seen people in shorts in this weather. If you  run those run/walk workouts. I can tell ya from experience that I don’t recommend it in this kind of weather.You cool off too quickly especially if there is a little wind.So keep moving,also I tend to keep close to home when the weather is extreme, just in case I need to get back due to an injury or something like that. So get the proper gear and get out this winter, with today’s clothing and footwear technology there is no reason to feel cold when outside during the winter.

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