Weathering Winter

Still snowless here in southern New England as of Jan. 2. That may change next week however, according to the weather people. But until then here is another shot from January 2014 after a sticky snowstorm. These stately old barns dot the landscape throughout New England. Most have weathered well considering some date back more than 100  yrs. Some have met their demise to people with other ideas of what the lay of the land should look like. And that’s a shame cause they stand as monuments of the heritage of what this area used to be. Growing up in the Litchfield/Fairfield  county area of Connecticut, I have witnessed the demolition of many old barns along with acres and acres of land they once stood on. Only to make way for gas stations, malls, and things of that nature.But the lucky few that are off the beaten path have survived (for now), have alot of character, and are very photogenic. Drive around any back road in my neck of the woods and you will find these red barns standing out like beacons in the snow. Most have been re-purposed as garages or storage sheds in the backyards of rural Connecticut.While some still serve the purpose of housing cows, horses and other farm animals.So while they are still around I will continue to seek out these agricultural monuments as photographic subjects. I have a couple in mind, but I need a little snow to dress up the landscape a little first, as we are well into stick season. And I didn’t get out for the thanksgiving snow that we had, and it has since melted. This old gal is located in the town of Kent CT and is weathering winter quite well.

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