The Stillness of Winter


  Winters in Connecticut can be very cold and snowy, but are mild by some peoples standards. I wouldn’t compare winter around here to our neighbors further to the north, where temps can fall several degrees below zero for extended periods of time. But the one thing they have in common is peace and quiet of the winter landscape. Visit most state parks in winter and gone are the crowds of people,loud radios,and barking dogs. And best of all, usually there aren’t any entrance fees.Instead you will find peace and quiet and the gentle sounds of nature all around.

     I visited Kent Falls State Park in Kent Connecticut the day after a pretty good snowstorm when I made this photo. It was one of those heavy wet snowstorms which caused the snow to stick to everything. A pain to shovel away but makes very pleasing winter landscape photos.For most of the morning I was by myself before a couple of other hearty souls showed up to enjoy the freshly fallen snow.

     Kent Falls State park is known for its waterfalls. Several cascades of various sizes which tumble down the mountain some 250ft on its way to the Housatonic River. But on this day I had this shot in mind. Snow covered trees, a red bridge,big lumps in the snow caused by the big rocks underneath and a gently flowing stream. I walked around to a somewhat difficult vantage point. It’s easy to walk over the bridge and plant your tripod at easiest place you find, but I wanted something a little more unique. I did get a wet foot when I stepped a little too close to the streams edge.Chalk that up to an occupational hazard,(or stupidity).It’s great when a plan comes together despite getting a frozen foot.  I revisited a couple a days later to photograph the falls, only to find the virgin snow full of footprints and the snow on the trees melted. I guess my timing was just right to enjoy the stillness of winter. Click on image for more information.

                                                                                Til Next Time…..Bill


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