Salty Air

Race Point, Provincetown MA
Race Point, Provincetown MA

A beautiful sunset,a gentle sea breeze the fresh scent of the salty sea air. Welcome to Cape Cod Massachusetts. This image from Race Point Beach in Provincetown, which is literally at the end of Cape Cod, has a lighthouse, endless sand dunes and Atlantic Ocean surf. Its always a great place to view the sunset on a warm summer evening. Or walk barefoot along the miles of sandy beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore, and if you have a keen eye you might spot a humpback whale or two offshore.Cape Cod is my destination of choice to get away from life for while, and I look forward to my annual trip there in 2015.This image is a re-release after being hidden in the archives for two years. While doing some computer housekeeping, I came across it in folder marked for re-editing. Photography is never ending learning process, and as the years go by our skills in shooting and image processing knowledge continue to grow. So this image was given a new life with some new processing skills applied. Originally titled Cape Cod sunset, I thought I would give it a new title as well, to convey what I experienced at the time. Hence the name “Salty Air”. Available on canvas, metal, acrylic, and as framed matted prints.


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