Year in review part 1, Winter and Spring

        The year started like most years in Connecticut, cold  and snowy. With the snow comes photo ops for red barns in Litchfield county Ct. So that’s where I headed for my first outing of the new year.


 Traveling a short distance to South Kent CT to some of my favorite barns that really say quintessential New England.Covered with snow they are a striking contrast to the white landscape that surrounds them.


Long ago these weathered warriors were probably the backbone of a family farm, just one of many that used to be in the region.  Its nice to see that present day owners are keeping them  as original as the day they were built. And of course I always stop off at Kent falls at least once in the winter and came away with one photo I’m proud of.


Been there a million times, so its getting harder to be creative with new compositions.But I found this scene on the way up to the upper falls. I thought the wintry landscape and the remaining leaves of a beech tree played well off each other with the falls being framed nicely by the branches.

Late January thru early spring I found myself lugging around my 500mm wildlife lens for a change of pace.Mostly to photograph our feathered friends of the avian world.IMGL0350I mostly hung out around the Housatonic river in search of Bald Eagles. Saw many but only fortunate enough to photograph this one. Plus a few immature birds around Candlewood Lake.While waiting for eagles the ducks kept me company.Hooded mergansers and common mergansers were plentiful as the fallen snow and provided many photos for my portfolio.



Early spring I found myself on the Cape Cod National Seashore. My first visit to the Cape in the spring season. The only disappointment was the migrating shore birds were about 2 weeks behind in arriving. But I did manage to find some warblers and a very vocal Green Heron.


And of course the Cape is always a good place to view the sunset. We headed to Herring Cove, and as luck would have it the tide was going out. So I hiked up as close as I could to Race Point Light. The shallow tidal waters made a great foreground for  the reflected sunset light. This was the last of many photos I took while out there and ended up being my favorite.


Towards the end of spring I headed to another annual destination, the daffodil fields of Northfield Ct.I always try to go mid week to avoid the crowds, and was hoping for some good sunset color to compliment the floral landscape,Mother nature didn’t disappoint this time around, as I was able to make several photos with this being the crowd favorite.


The pink and cyan colors of the sky set off the green and white of the flowers of the hillside. The reflection in the pond is the icing on the cake.

The week before the summer solstice I made a trip to Enders state forest to photograph the falls. I’m really proud of this image, difficult lighting conditions and a breeze didn’t make it easy.But patience paid off as I waited for a cloud to diffuse the light and the wind to stop for a brief second.The water flow was just right to capture that tranquil feeling I was after.


Well that’s it for part one, this is just a very brief synopsis of my winter/spring photo adventures. To see more photos you can visit my gallery by clicking Here  and on  Facebook

Stay tuned for part two…. Bill







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